How will the new DBS process affect you?

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Due to recent changes to the Enhanced disclosure process, the DBS will no longer be able to amend applications with missing or incorrect information.

In the event of an application containing incorrect information, a new DBS application will now need to be processed.

What has changed?

Previously, if an error was picked up through the DBS checks, we – as your selected Registered Body – would have the opportunity to amend the information on an application.

Going forward, we will no longer be able to amend any information on an application once it’s been submitted to the DBS. Instead, a new DBS application will need to be processed.

Please note, the DBS will not refund any incorrect applications. As such, you will be charged the full amount for any new applications needing to be processed.

The key focus areas

The DBS have highlighted the key areas that we will no longer be able to amend:

Key Area
Focus points
Address history
  • Full 5 year history
  • No gaps
  • Includes all addresses within the 5 year timeframe
  • All addresses are full and correct
  • Only shows groups that the applicant will have contact with during the role
Barred List checks
  • Applicant is eligible for all the checks
  • Carries out the relevant Regulated Activities
  • Meets any frequency requirements
Home-based checks
  • Applicant will be working in their own home with vulnerable groups
  • This does not refer to patients’ homes

Whose responsibility is it to check the information?

The Applicant

When completing the DBS application, it is down to the applicant to enter the required information correctly. To ensure the application is correct, it is key that the applicant provides:

  • Their full current name, including all middle names
  • Any names previously used
  • Their full 5 year address history, with no gaps:
    • All addresses must be correct
    • All addresses resided in within the 5 years must be listed

The Organisation

This is where you come in…

When carrying out the ID checks, you must refer back to the application to check against all information on the documents provided. If there are any anomalies, you must query these and update the application accordingly, to ensure the information is complete and correct.

During the ID checks, pay close attention to the following areas:

  • Current name, including any middle names
  • Previous names used
    • You must try to obtain documents showing proof of any name changes
  • 5 year address history; specifically the current address

Once you’ve submitted the ID checks, you can select the level of disclosure required. Here, you must ensure the applicant is eligible for the checks requested.

OnlineDBS are here to help

At OnlineDBS, we have worked hard to ensure that our process is quick and easy to follow. Our application form has been designed to reduce errors made at this initial stage and our helpful advisors are always on-hand to help with any queries you may have.

As your chosen Registered Body, our experienced advisors will check over your applications, ensuring the applicant is eligible for the level of checks requested. We will always contact you before submitting an application and if we have any concerns over eligibility or the information on the application; further preventing errors on an application.

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