Five Ways a Basic DBS Check Can Benefit Your Recruitment Process

Five Ways a Basic DBS Check Can Benefit Your Recruitment Process

Basic DBS checks, otherwise known as Basic disclosures, are criminal record checks that run a search through the Police National Computer. Basic DBS checks will disclose any unspent convictions and conditional cautions, and can be requested by individuals and organisations.

So, how can a Basic DBS check help your organisation…

No restrictions

Unlike Standard and Enhanced DBS checks, Basic disclosures can be requested for any role within your organisation. This allows you to use a Basic DBS check alongside your recruitment process, providing you with a more secure and improved vetting process.

Builds employer-employee relationship

For your organisation to strive, it’s fundamental that there is trust between yourself and your employees. The transparency of a Basic DBS check helps build this trust, by reassuring you you’re employing the right people for the job.

Provides a better service for customers

By ensuring your employees are well suited to their roles, with no past convictions that may stand in the way of their ability to do the job, you will find that your customers experience a more satisfying customer journey.

Your employees will also feel more confident in their ability to do the role, which always leads to a better service being provided to customers.

Improving brand perception

By requiring Basic DBS checks for your employees, you’re reassuring your customers that you care about their safety and the level of service your business provides. It shows that your organisation is dedicated enough to spend additional time and money to ensure all employees are background checked.

This positive branding image is key to strengthening the trust your organisation has with your customers.

Protects your organisation

No one likes to think about anything negative happening in the workplace. However, by requiring all employees to complete a Basic disclosure, your organisation is in a better position if anything such as theft did happen.

Processing Basic DBS checks proves that your business has performed all possible background checks on your employees, and this additional step can protect your organisation.

How you can start processing Basic DBS checks with Online DBS

At Online DBS, we take pride in offering a comprehensive disclosure service; with fast, high quality results at affordable prices.

Our Basic DBS checks cost only £36.64 per application and can be completed in as little as 24 hours; thanks to our online system that has been approved by the DBS and MOJ.

To start your Basic disclosure application today, apply now or speak with one of our experienced and friendly DBS advisors on 029 2060 2356.