Metropolitan Police begin to clear DBS backlog

Metropolitan Police begin to clear DBS backlog

The process for enhanced DBS checks involves a review by local police forces in the area in which the applicant is residing during the application stage. However there have been serious delays to applications within the Metropolitan Police area.

The DBS backlog reached an unprecedented peak this spring, where applications going to the Met were taking much longer than their 60 day service level target.

The Met – which handles 12% of applications nationally is now making progress to clear a backlog of 80,000 applications. They blamed a sharp increase in applications over the past two years and difficulty in recruiting and retaining the staff required to process them. They have hired extra staff and temporarily moved 58 non-front line or retired officers to assist.

The DBS are working very closely with the Met to help improve performance, but the level of applications in progress means it will take them some time to resolve the issue. It is predicted that by the end of October, the backlog will be cleared.

The DBS have now stated that if you have an application in progress with the Met, and it has reached 60 days, it will be automatically escalated. But, the MET are dealing with applications in date order because of the backlog.