Our new vetting services and how they can enhance your recruitment process

Vetting Checks - New to OnlineDBS

To further meet our clients’ needs, we have introduced a range of vetting services. These services provide a robust and comprehensive screening process, to minimise the risks to your business.

Meet the new vetting services

To ensure you’re in-line with industry standards, we have introduced the following services:

ID Checks
  • Real-time verification of an applicant’s ID documents, to prevent identity fraud.
  • Checks include facial recognition, name verification and document checking to ensure the document is genuine
Credit Checks
  • Common background check to evaluate an applicant’s risk to the business
  • Checks identify information from the past 6 years, including address history, electoral roll data, bankruptcies, IVAs and CCJs
  • Doesn’t provide an applicant’s credit score or affect their credit score
Right To Work Checks
  • ID verification checks that establish an applicant’s right to work in the UK and perform the role in question
  • It is an employer’s legal duty to carry out right to work checks, to prevent illegal working
  • These must be carried out before the role begins

Why you should use our new vetting services

We’ve created our vetting checks with you in mind!
Our new checks provide you with a simple service that will enhance your recruitment process and ultimately protect your business against any possible risks. Our user-friendly system and automated process prevent potentially dangerous delays in receiving the results and you will receive on-hand support from our team of experts to ensure you’re in-line with industry standards.

Get started today

If you already use OnlineDBS to process your DBS checks, contact one of our helpful advisors who will be able to update your account to include the new services. Once set up, you will be able to access the services immediately.

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