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What is a Children’s Barred List Check?

List 99 Checks provide an initial search on the Children’s Barred List. Results are immediate and will either confirm the applicant is NOT on the barred list or will need further enquiring with the police. If further enquiries are needed, results can take up to 48 hours to come back.

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) is in place to help employers make safer recruitment decisions and prevents unsuitable people working with vulnerable groups. The Children’s Barred List is a list of individuals who are barred from working with children. If a person is included in the Children’s Barred List, employment by the educational establishment is prohibited. It is also an offence for a person on the Barred List to apply for work with the group they are barred from.

Who can apply for a Children’s Barred List Check?

The Children’s Barred List Check (formerly List 99 Check) allows educational establishments to check against a database to see if there is a possible match for a person included on the Children’s Barred List. The checks are separate to a DBS check and can be requested independently.

According to the Department for Education, educational establishments (such as schools, colleges and nurseries) can apply for a Children’s Barred List Check if their applicant:

  • Undertakes unsupervised activities, teaching, training, instructing, caring for or supervising children, or providing advice/guidance on well-being, or driving a vehicle only for children.
  • Works for a limited range of establishments (“specified places”), with the opportunity for contact, e.g. schools, children’s homes, childcare premises. This does not include work with supervised volunteers.
  • Provides relevant personal care, e.g. washing or dressing / health care by, or supervised by, a professional.
  • Is a registered childminder and/or foster carer.

Children’s Barred List Checks allow you to make an informed recruitment decision but are not a comprehensive check against the Children’s Barred List and should not be used as an alternative to an Enhanced DBS with Children’s Barred List Check.

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