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What is the DBS Status Check Service?

At OnlineDBS we understand that ensuring your business meets the legal requirements of the Disclosure and Barring Service can be time consuming and hard to administrate.

We make this easier for you by providing a bespoke administration platform to monitor your employees’ Update Service checks and ensure you comply with the DBS guidance on legally using the Update Service.

Our online Status Check Service enables you to:

  • Conduct Update Service checks at the click of a button
  • If a DBS is not registered to the Update Service then you can easily send an application form to your applicant to complete
  • Complete automatic periodic checks of Update Service subscriptions and status in line with your company guidelines (with consent from your employees)
  • Remove the need to manually monitor rechecks – get notifications direct to your email
  • Receive notifications of what the Status Check results mean and if the applicant can continue to work using their certificate
  • Remove employees certificates from the Status Check Service that no longer work for you so illegal checks are not completed
  • If a DBS status changes or the Update Subscription has lapsed, submitting a new DBS application is simple
  • Get advice with any Update Service queries from our experienced team
  • Add a DBS to the system quickly whether issued by us or by a different company

What are the benefits of using our DBS Status Check Service?

  • One-off admin fee per certificate added to the service
  • Reduced admin time
  • Automated reminders of when a check is due for efficiency
  • A team of experts on hand to interpret results and reduce risk
  • Ensure that your workforce hold valid DBS certificates at all times during employment with you 
  • The latest free guidance, support and information
  • A bespoke and easy-to-use online system

Who can use our DBS Status Check Service?

Any employer can check a candidates DBS Status providing the following applies:

  • You have seen the applicant’s original certificate
  • You have checked the applicant’s ID to confirm their identity
  • You have the applicant’s consent to perform Status Checks
  • You are legally entitled to the same level of DBS certificate – Standard or Enhanced
  • The DBS certificate only contains the exact workforce that you are entitled to know about, for the role you are recruiting for

What are the costs?

There is a one off administration fee per DBS you add to the DBS Status Check Service. Once the DBS is added you can check the DBS as regularly as needed for no further costs.

How to apply

If you are already registered with OnlineDBS for other services, simply contact us today to add the DBS Status Check Service to the services available to you.

If you are not already registered with OnlineDBS you can do so easily by completing our apply form. By registering with us, you are not tied into any contract and there are no set up fees. You simply pay for the services you require.

You can use our DBS Status Check Service independently from our DBS services and are not obliged to process DBS checks through ourselves, however the service complements our e-bulk service and will make your DBS process much simpler.

For more information regarding the DBS Update Service please visit the Disclosure and Barring Services official site which gives a full overview of the service.

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