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What is an Employment Credit Check?

An Employment Credit Check is a common background check used by employers to check current and potential employees’ risk. Also referred to as Financial Probity Reports and Adverse Financial Reports, an Employment Credit Check includes identifying information from the past 6 years, such as:

  • Current and previous address history, including any linked and undeclared addresses
  • Electoral roll data
  • Addresses checked against Royal Mail
  • Bankruptcies, Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), sequestrations and trust deeds (insolvency data)
  • County Court Judgments (CCJs).

Employment Credit Checks do not affect the employee’s credit score and employers are unable to view the employee’s credit score.

Who can process Employment Credit Checks on employees?

Although it is a requirement for financially regulated employees to undergo an employee credit check prior to employment, any employer can check an employee’s Credit Report providing you have written or verbal consent from the applicant.

Why would you check an employee’s Credit Report?

  • To increase trust between employer and employee
  • To ensure you are making the best employment decisions
  • To check that the potential employee is who they say they are
  • To ensure employees have a record of responsible financial management, especially if that is an important factor in the role they have applied for.

What are the benefits of using OnlineDBS’ Employment Credit Check service?

  • A team of experts to ensure that you are in-line with industry standards
  • Guidance and advice on vetting needs
  • Automated processes and a one-stop hub of information
  • Transparent pricing structure
  • Fast results.

What are the costs?

Each Employment Credit Check costs just £9.

How to apply?

If you are already registered with OnlineDBS for other services, simply contact us today to add the Employment Credit Check to the services available to you.

If you are not already registered with OnlineDBS, you can do so easily by filling in our simple online application form. By registering with us, you are not tied into any contract and there are no setup fees. You simply pay for the services you require. You can use our Employment Credit Check service independently from our DBS services and are not obliged to process DBS through ourselves; however the service ties in extremely well with our e-bulk service and will make your vetting process much simpler having the full package in one place.

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