Online Standard & Enhanced DBS Checks Available

OnlineDBS is a registered body who will act as an umbrella company on behalf of your organisation. Our team enables you to apply for Basic, Standard and Enhanced DBS checks along with other vetting services for your employees, safely and efficiently online. This means that the speed of process is faster than ever before when completing criminal record checks.

Four out of five of our disclosures come back completed within a week and 30% of those are back within 24 hours. We offer a very competitively priced service with no hidden costs such as set up fees or annual fees. offers the following services. Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries you may have or get started with us by registering for DBS checks.

There are three different levels of criminal record checks available to organisations for their employees. These checks are provided through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), previously known as the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB).

More information regarding the eligibility and benefits of obtaining Basic, Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks can be found on our Disclosure Types page.

Adult First Checks – Available alongside Enhanced DBS Checks

DBS Adult First is a function provided by the Disclosure and Barring Service that can be used in exceptional cases. This means that in accordance with the terms of Department of Health guidance – a person is permitted to commence work with adults before a DBS certificate has been obtained. This applies to adult services such as care homes, domiciliary care agencies and adult placement schemes where DBS certificates are required by law.

This service is only available to organisations who are eligible to access the DBS ‘adult barred list’ and who have requested a check of the barred lists on their DBS application form. DBS Adult First is not a substitute for a DBS certificate and organisations must take care when making recruitment decisions prior to receiving a full DBS certificate. DBS Adult First checks are advised to be used ONLY in exceptional circumstances and when absolutely necessary.

A DBS Adult First check is not appropriate for any individuals who may work with both children and adults. Those working in both areas will need to wait until a DBS certificate is returned to ensure that the individual in question has not been barred from working with children. There is no equivalent speedy check of the children’s barred list.

The Children’s Barred List (formerly List 99)

The Children’s Barred List (formerly List 99) check allows education establishments to check against a database to see if there is a potential match for a person included in the Children’s Barred List. If an individual is included in this list, employment within or by the education establishment is prohibited.

The information on this database is held under the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 and is maintained by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

N.B. The Children’s Barred List Check (formerly List 99) is not a comprehensive check against the barred list, this can only be obtained through an enhanced criminal record check.

External ID Validation Check

What is an External ID Validation Check?

An External ID Validation check is used when it is not possible to verify the applicant’s identity for a DBS Check using Route 1 guidance due to lack of valid Group 1 documentation. External ID Verification checks are not a standalone ID check and will need to be provided alongside other documents from the applicant. Guidance on Acceptable ID Documents and different routes on verification for DBS applications can be found here.

The External ID Validation check will act to confirm the applicant is who they say they are by using a range of data sources. Online DBS works in partnership with CallID services to perform these checks.

Who can apply for External ID Validation checks through OnlineDBS?

We can provide External ID Validation services to our existing customers who use the OnlineDBS system to apply for DBS checks. We can also offer this service to clients who process their own DBS checks as Registered Bodies or use an alternative Umbrella Bodies to process DBS applications. If you are unsure if you can use this service, please give us a call on 02920 602356 to discuss further.

Section 128 Checks

What is a Section 128 Check?

A section 128 check is check that a person has not been Prohibited from the Management of schools.

Who is eligible to be checked against Section 128?

Section 128 checks are checks that can be processed for school governors to ensure they are not prohibited from the management of independent schools including academies and free schools. This is under the terms of a direction from the Secretary of State for Education and inline with the Department for Education Keeping Children Safe in Education Act.

Who can OnlineDBS process Section 128 checks for?

You do not have to use OnlineDBS to process any other checks for you to use out Section 128 checking system. We offer this service as a stand alone service for Independent Schools including Academies and Free Schools across the UK.

Take a look at our competitive pricing matrix:

Disclosure TypeDBS Charge
Service Fee per application (inc VAT)Total Charge per application
Basic DBS – Individuals£25.00£18.00£43.00
Basic DBS – Organisations£25.00£11.64£36.64
Volunteers DBS (Standard or Enhanced)£11.64£11.64
Standard DBS£26.00£11.64£37.64
Enhanced DBS£44.00£11.64£55.64
Enhanced DBS with Adult First Check£50.00£11.64£61.64
List 99 Check£12.00£12.00
Section 128 Checks£11.64£11.64
External ID Verification (Route 2)£6.00£6.00
N.B. There are no sign up fees or monthly / annual registration costs.

Please note discounts may be available for bulk applications. Please contact a member of our team for more information or register with us to apply for DBS checks.