Track the progress of a DBS

You may want to check on the progress of a DBS application. With you have access to this functionality 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can go directly to the DBS Tracking Service or read on for further guidance.

DBS Checking Process

The DBS checking process involves several different stages before an applicant receives their certificate. Below is a detailed explanation of the stages your DBS application goes through during the checking process. Standard disclosures will be tracked at stages 1, 2 and 5. Enhanced disclosures will be tracked at all 5 stages.

Stage 1 – The application form is received and validated by the DBS. Your application form is checked for errors or omissions. Within 24 hours of receipt the form is either scanned onto the DBS computer system or returned for correction to the counter signatory.

Stage 2 – Police National Computer searched.

Stage 3 – Children and adults lists searched, where applicable.

Stage 4 – records held by the police searched Enhanced checks are sent by secure, electronic means to the police for an additional check of local records before the information is sent back to the DBS.

Stage 5 – The DBS certificate is printed. Any information to be disclosed is printed under highly secure procedures and sent to the applicant. Should arrive with the applicant within 4 days, If clear, the DBS is available to view by organisation.

Track your DBS application

In order to track the progress of your DBS application you will need the following information to use the DBS Tracking Service:

  • DBS form reference number
  • Applicant Date of birth

If you do not have your application reference number, please contact your employer directly or contact the Disclosure and Barring Service on the following details:

Phone: 03000 200 190
Minicom: 03000 200 192