Childminding – which DBS checks do you require?

Childminder with children

As a Childminder, it is imperative that you’re safeguarding the children in your care.

By having the correct childminding DBS checks, you are not only complying with regulations, but you’re also reassuring parents that you are the best choice for taking care of their child.

Read on to find out what DBS checks you should be processing…

What DBS check do you require?

As a childminder with direct, unsupervised contact with children, you will always need an Enhanced DBS check, with the Children’s Barred List check, in the Child Workforce.

If you will be childminding in your own home, you will also need your Enhanced DBS application to reflect this.

Who else needs a DBS check?

Do you have anyone who works with you? Or, if you work in your own home, does anyone else live in the same home?
They will also require a DBS check.

Here is a full list of all roles that will also require an Enhanced DBS check:

  • Persons living at the childminding premises
  • Persons working at the childminding premises
  • Director / Committee / Trustee
  • Sole Proprietor
  • Registered Manager

If you have anyone matching these positions, you will need to process an Enhanced DBS for them too. When applying for this, you must consider their eligibility for the Children’s Barred List check.

For a role to be eligible for a Barred List check, it must include at least one regulated activity from the following list:

  • Supervision
  • Teaching
  • Giving guidance or advice
  • Provision of personal or health care

If you have a person matching one of these roles, who also carries out one of the listed regulated activities, you will need to process an Enhanced DBS check, with the Children’s Barred List check, in the Child Workforce.

If you have anyone matching a mentioned role, who won’t be providing any of the regulated activities listed, they would need an Enhanced DBS check, with no Barred List checks, in the Child Workforce.

Volunteer DBS checks

Under DBS regulations, Volunteer checks aren’t available to individuals who will benefit from the role – this could be financial or where the role will result in a full time job or qualification.

This also includes persons who will be living at the childminding premises, as the household will be benefitting financially from the business.

Please note: Any roles mentioned above, processed as a Volunteer Enhanced DBS check, will be invalid and a new application will need to be processed.

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