DBS Advice for GP Surgery Staff

DBS Advice for GP Surgery Staff

Knowing what level of check is required for your staff can be tricky so we have put together an easy to follow guide for you.

GP Practices have many employees with different job roles and not all of these job roles are eligible for enhanced DBS checks.

The Disclosure and Barring Service state that only employees in a regulated activity job role are entitled to have an enhanced check completed, so what does this mean for GP Surgery staff?

Clinical staff (GPs, nurses, healthcare assistants)

Basic guidance states that clinical staff require a DBS check.

GPs have criminal records checks completed as part of their ‘Performers List’ checks. In some cases, practices may use these checks rather than obtaining an additional DBS check when the GP begins working for the practice. In such cases, the practice must be able to provide sufficient evidence of seeking appropriate assurances from the NHS that a check has been undertaken.

Clinical staff will be performing a regulated activity with children, adults or both. They will be entitled to enhanced checks with barred list checks as a result.

‘Provision of Health Care’ is defined as someone working in a regulated healthcare profession, or someone acting under the direction or supervision of a regulated healthcare professional. Some examples include doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants and physiotherapists.  Health Care roles can involve:

  • Physical care, mental health care and palliative care
  • Diagnostic tests and investigative procedures
  • Non-medical procedures such as taking blood (blood donations) and cosmetic surgery

Non-clinical staff

There is no general requirement that non-clinical staff (such as those working on reception or administrative staff) must have a DBS check, it depends on their responsibilities.

Staff in GP surgeries or dental practices who do NOT provide health care (for example, medical receptionist) is NOT classified as regulated activity – a standard level DBS check will be sufficient.

There are however some exceptions: If a non-clinical staff member also has other responsibilities within their role such as chaperoning, they are eligible for an Enhanced DBS check, because they will be performing a regulated activity.

Please note:  This information for guidance only and should not be considered a substitute for legal advice. It is the responsibility of the employer/recruiting organisation to determine if eligibility exists in line with the current legislation.