DBS Update Service

In 2013 the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) introduced the ‘Update Service’. This means that once an online DBS has been processed employers and organisations can remain in control of viewing updates and changes to individual’s certificates. For more information regarding this service, please select the relevant section:

Update Service for Applicants
Update Service for Employers
Update Service for Volunteers

What are the benefits of the DBS Update Service for employers?

  • Instantly check the validity of a DBS certificate online
  • No more DBS application forms to fill in for new starters and renewals
  • The company will need to apply for fewer DBS checks for their employees saving you time and money
  • Enhances safeguarding processes and may help to reduce risks
  • Ensures that the DBS information held by your organisation for your employees is as up to date as possible
  • Easy to incorporate into existing suitability decision-making processes
  • Update service checks can be run on regular intervals with the permission of your applicants

Employers don’t need to pay or register to carry out a status check. They can see the results from the check straight away. For best practice purposes, we find that most of our customers check their staff’s update service subscriptions annually to ensure they are fully aware of any new or recent criminal activity on their staff’s record. We can undertake these for you on an annual basis for an additional admin charge. Please contact us to find out more.

What are the benefits of the DBS Update Service to employees?

  • One DBS certificate is all they may ever need
  • Their DBS is transferrable between organisations where the same type and level of check is required.
  • No more applications forms to complete
  • In control of their DBS certificate
  • Saving time and money

If an applicant wants to join the Update Service they can do so within 19 calendar days of their DBS certificate issue date.

Renewing your subscription

A subscription to the update service lasts for one year. You can renew your subscription through the update service, either:

  • when you first register, by choosing automatic renewal
  • within the last 30 days of your current subscription – but you can’t renew on the last day of your subscription

If you don’t renew your subscription before it ends, you’ll need to apply for a new DBS check and register for the update service again.

For more information regarding the update service and how we can help your organisation please contact one of our advisors.