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What is a Right to Work Check?

Employers have a responsibility to carry out a Right to Work Check on all staff to ensure that they are legally entitled to work in the UK and to prevent illegal working.

Accepted Right to Work documents are dictated by the Home Office, but it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that they adhere to the guidelines and can prove they have processes in place to prevent illegal workers.

Who can process ID Checks on employees?

All UK employers have a responsibility to ensure Right to Work Checks are carried out on their staff.

What is the process?

To complete Right to Work Checks through OnlineDBS, you would need to set up the employee in question on our system and select Right to Work Check. The employee will then receive an email invitation to download an application on their smartphone device. They will then access the app, complete Liveness Verification where they will be required to submit self-taken pictures (selfies) to determine they are a real person. They will then be asked to upload their Right to Work documents.

Once the documents have been verified, the OnlineDBS team will ensure the correct documents have been submitted to prove the applicants Right to Work and PDF confirmation will be sent to the employer.

What are the benefits of using OnlineDBS’ Right to Work Check service?

  • Peace of mind that you are employing the person you think you are
  • Peace of mind that your employees all hold valid Right to Work documentation
  • Reducing risk
  • A team of experts to offer advice
  • Enhancing your current vetting processes
  • Guidance and advice on vetting needs
  • Automated processes and a one-stop hub of information
  • Transparent pricing structure
  • Fast results.

What are the costs?

Each Right to Work Check costs just £6.60.

How to apply?

If you are already registered with OnlineDBS for other services, simply contact us today to add the Right to Work Check to the services available to you.

If you are not already registered with OnlineDBS, you can do so easily by filling in our simple online application form. By registering with us, you are not tied into any contract and there are no setup fees. You simply pay for the services you require. You can use our Right to Work Check service independently from our DBS services and are not obliged to process DBS through ourselves; however the service ties in extremely well with our e-bulk service and will make your vetting process much simpler having the full package in one place.

Please note, this service cannot be used in place of original sighting of documents. Should this be required, you will still need the applicant to bring the original documents to you to view.

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