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What is an External ID Validation Check?

An External ID Validation Check is used when it is not possible to verify the applicant’s identity for a DBS Check using Route 1 guidance due to lack of valid Group 1 documentation. External ID Verification checks are not a stand alone ID check and will need to be provided alongside other documents from the applicant.

The External ID Validation Check will act to confirm the applicant is who they say they are by using a range of data sources. Online DBS works in partnership with CallID services to perform these checks.

Who can apply for External ID Validation Checks?

You do not have to process your DBS checks through us to be able to make use of our External ID Validation Checking process. OnlineDBS will act as your provider of External ID Validation Checks as an independent service that you can use as little or as often as you need.

What are the benefits of using OnlineDBS?

  • Secure online application
  • No minimum quota, simply pay as you go
  • No set-up or annual fees
  • Compliant with DBS Route 2 checking
  • Competitively priced
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Results typically back within 24 hours

How to apply to process External ID Validation Checks

To process External ID Validation for Route 2 DBS checks you need to complete our FREE registration which takes just 5 minutes.

Once registered you will have access to your own secure online portal – where you will find a dashboard of your checks, progress and status of pending and historical checks carried out through Online DBS.

You must have consent from the person you are completing an External ID Validation Check on before requesting. Please ensure you note this on your own records.

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